Cat Calming Collar


Don't let your cat live in terror! This collar has been proven to show real results within hours.

91% of cats stopped territorial marking*
94% of cats stopped hiding and running away*
97% of cats stopped scratching and biting*
99% of pet owners said their cat was more cuddly and friendly*

When you put The Cat Calming Collar on your pet the clinically proven collar gradually releases natural, calming pheromones to your cat. Your cat will instinctively feel safe and secure. The 3 pure, natural ingredients help stressed out, anxious, and territorial animals know that they are safe and secure in their own home.

*Based on a double-blind clinical study with 120 participating pets. One group of pets was given a placebo collar, and the other was given a Cat Calming Collar

Customer Reviews

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Casey Barton

Cat Calming Collar

Leann McCullough

Well packed. Now is test to see if it works.

Pauline Johnston

Goods received. I'll write about the action on the cat later.

Nora Carter

It's the second pack of 2 I order and it works and cat is super quiet

Devonte Bayer

If it's effective, I'll give my assessment again.